Get a beautiful Digital Download Art from artist Elaine Serenum for £1.99 ONLY
(delivered straight to your mailbox within 24 hours)
Do you want to become an owner of a beautiful whimsical artwork but don't want to wait to receive it by post?

For a Limited Time only I am offering my artwork as Digital Download files to be used for printing on print paper up to A3 size.

Enjoy the beauty of magical world created by Elaine Serenum.

    Why I created this Offer?
    1) It is my mission as an artist to bring positive energies to as many people as possible through my dreamy and magical artwork. My goal is to have my art in 1000 houses by Christmas!

    2) As I work with energies, I energetically enhance each artwork to emit positive energies and to attract love, harmony, good health and abundance into your house. I believe that when you plant something good it will return with an enhanced effect.

    3) By creating this Digital Download Special Offer my art can get discovered by more people and you will not need to wait for 1-2 weeks for the print to arrive to the USA (from London). When you get Digital download artwork files, you can print them at your convenience in a local print shop at any time.


     A Digital file of a chosen artwork delivered to your mailbox within 24 hrs

    (can be printed on up to A3 paper size)

     A separate Digital file of a chosen artwork - to be used for Mobile phones

     A separate Digital file of a chosen artwork - to be used for Ipad/Tablet


    FREE BONUS: Limited time 15% discount for ANY print from my online gallery

    FULL 30-DAY GUARANTEE: If you don't like the quality of the digital files just let me know and I will issue a refund.

    Choose ANY 1 or more Digital Download art

    (You will receive an email with the link to the Digital Downloads within 24 hours)

    Digital Download Artwork
    Print variation

    Within 24 hours after placing an order you will receive an email confirmation with the links the Digital files of a chosen artwork/s. This includes:

    A Digital 300 DPI JPEG file of a chosen artwork (used for A6,A5,A4,A3 prints)
    2 Digital files of a chosen artwork to be used as Mobile/Ipad wallpapers
    • (Mobile: 2102 x 3234 pixel)
    • Ipad/Tablet - 4000 x 3250 pixels)

    Note: The Digital files of Elaine Serenum artwork are for Personal Use Only!

    All images and writing are Copyright of Elaine Serenum Art. All rights reserved.
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    Get the Digital files of a chosen artwork delivered to your mailbox within 24 hours!
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    About the artist

    Hi, I am Elaine,

    I am the artist behind Elaine Serenum Art and this Special Offer. Thank you for stopping by and discovering my art.

    I have launched my Etsy Art shop last year and created my Website this year. As I mentioned in this special offer, I am trying to be more visible on the internet and want my art to get discovered, that's why I created this Digital Download Art Offer. Based on my Etsy customers feedback, I realised that the best solution for people not to wait to receive my prints is to offer them as Digital files.

    I am offering all my 8 artworks as Digital downloads for a Limited Time and for Personal use ONLY!

    As I also work with energies, I enhance each print with the energies of love, healing and abundance and over some time you can notice how my art print has a positive effect on your life.

    Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to follow my social media for news, updated and print releases!

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    If you have any questions - contact me
    London, United Kingdom
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