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How to Learn To Control Your Life

Learn how to manage your life and create such events that will bring you happiness, abundance and relationship easily! Here is how...

What do you need to know to learn how to control your life?
To learn how to live a life full of happiness you will only need to spend a few minutes daily. It's a simple technique that anyone can use to manifest the life of their dreams.

Often you might think that you don't have enough time to do something in your life. You might think that in order to change something and have a brighter future you need to purely focus just on this change and forget about other things. This is not true!
You need only 10-20 mins daily to devote to a simple exercise and very soon you will start noticing how your life started changing

So, what is the technique?
There are plenty of meditations you will find on the internet, but today I will share with you the most less time-consuming and easy once that I personally use daily. Moreover, you can do them whilst you are washing the dishes, walking your dog or doing grocery shopping.

So, all you have to do is to spend 10-20 mins daily (you can split into smaller sessions) and with your brain pronounce the following messages (depending on the topic you chose to work with). When you pronounce the messages below, you also need to imagine what you are talking about. It is important that you feel the emotions that these pronounced texts wake up in you, as if you already have what you wish to have.

Yes, it's that simple and it's very effective!

Now, choose an area that you would like to improve!

  • I am full of energy
I am full of energy and the energy is filling me up from my toes to the top of the head. I am full of strength. I am filled with a pure light energy and it's expanding. The energy is filling every cell of my body. I feel the strength and I am capable of doing so many things. I easily achieve what I want and when I want it. All my wishes are coming true easily and I have enough energy to make my wishes come true. I am united with the energy!

  • I am full of love
I love myself and every little cell of my body. I am loved by people surrounding me. I trust myself, my family and the Universe. I allow myself to be loved and to experience the beautiful feeling of love. I am united with the energy of love and every cell of my body is filled with this energy. Love is everywhere. I love this world and the world loves me.

  • I am super healthy
I am filled with happiness and light. All the illnesses, health problems are easily leaving my body. All the negative emotions, thoughts, blocks are leaving my body. My body is fully healed and I allow myself to promote healing within each cell of my body. I have a great life full of positive events and I am swimming in the ocean of love and light. I love myself and I love my body. My body is my temple and I love taking care of it. I am sending the energy of love to every cell of my body and each cell is absorbing this energy.

  • I attract abundance in my life
I am leaving all the loans and mortgages behind me. The energy of money is entering my energetical field and I can feel it around me. My life is bright and is full of light and wisdom. I can easily attract money into my life and they love me. I am a money magnet. The Universe is giving me as much money as I need. I feel the unity with money and I can allow myself to buy whatever I want. I know how to use my abundance and each time I get more and more money!

You don't have to use exact wording when you devote 5-10 mins for this practical exercise. The most important thing is that you do it from the heart so you can choose your own wording!

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