Personal Development and Motivation

It all started with a pencil sketch of a rose...

It was a lovely summer day back in 2007 and I was hiding from the sun in the air-conditioned room. At that time I lived with my family in Cyprus and summers there were really hot and humid. When not at uni, I used to spend summer days under air conditioner until the temperature outside would cool down and I could go to the beach.

I lived in a cosy apartment with a large balcony overlooking the Mediterranean sea. The day started as usual and I had some very Cypriot-style breakfast and was watching a TV series to entertain myself. The plates with some snacks were still on the coffee table and I was sitting on a leather sofa covered with a zebra-printed throw. There was a notebook on the sofa, that I was using for my Greek lessons. Few pages at the back were still empty.

At the middle of the coffee table there was a rose in a vase and the light from the sun and shadows made it look almost magical. It was a red rose, but with the some sun rays on it, some of the petals looked like they were glowing. I spontaneously got an idea to try and draw it using the pencil which was laying on the notebook.

So, whilst watching the TV series, I was trying to draw the rose. I didn't have any idea on how to use light and shadow techniques to make it realistic, but I just wanted to challenge myself and see if I could draw it.

After about 40 minutes, my drawing was complete and I showed it to my sister who to my surprise really liked it. She said that it was a really good drawing for someone who is drawing for the first time.

During the next few days, I would draw my room, the living room, a palm which was standing on our balcony etc. etc. and I really enjoyed the process. I never thought to take an art class or develop the skills at that time, as it was some sort of a hobby.

to be continued...