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3 Steps to Make a Wish Come True

Many of us want to have everything at once without spending too much time on working towards it. You might have heard before that in order to build a good wealth you need to work hard. Or perhaps you think that the world is unfair and in order to succeed with your beginnings you need to know certain people, have a good network and a large starting budget.

What if I told you that you can achieve anything you want with just changing the way you think? It's not simple, but if you are motivated you can easily achieve it.

Below I will share the 3 Steps I use to attract abundance:

1.Know what you want
It is crucial to know exactly what you want. If it's a new car that you are saving up for, what color is it? what brand? is it a manual or automatic one? Or is it a trip to Maldives that you are dreaming about for the last 2 years? What accommodation do you want to stay in? Whom will you be going with? Think of every small detail, it is very important! 

2.Write down your wishes and goals
Once you decided on what is your wish or goal about, take a sheet of paper and a pen and write them down. You can write your bigger goal/wish down and break it down into small steps what you need to get to this goal. Write the timelines when you want this wish to come true. Add a date to this letter and once finished put it away in a safe place.  

3.Imagine that you already have it
This is the most important step. Sit down and relax, nobody should be disturbing you during this time. Devote these 5-10 mins only to yourself. Take a deep breath in, breathe out. Repeat 4-5 times. It will calm down your hectic brain. Focus on your breath, get rid of your thoughts passing through your brain. Relax all your muscles, imagine as if you are united with the chair or a sofa where you are sitting, feel the comfort of it. 
Visualize a bright light inside your heart center. Imagine how it is expanding, filling in your room, your house, city. It expands even more into the universe, covering our planet Earth. Feel how beautiful this light is.
Now, visualize your wish, what is it that you want? Imagine how you are getting it, what feelings you have, what you do after you get it. Imagine all the small details, where is it happening? who is around you? is it a day or a night? Stay in these energies for 5 minutes.
At the end, thank the universe for this beautiful experience and say to yourself - "I am ready to accept ...... (include what is it that you are wishing for).

This is a very universal technique. Practice it once you get a chance and you will start noticing that you are getting closer to your wish. Things will develop in your life in a way that will bring you to your wish. The main important thing here is to wish from the heart, it should be genuine and you should genuinely want it.

Good luck!

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