We design beautiful and unique silver jewelry inspired by beauty of nature.

Embrace the night's wisdom with our owl pendant! This special piece shows a stunning owl in flight, made with a shimmering moonstone and touches of 14k gold. Owls stand for mystery and knowledge, guiding you through life's shadows with their keen sight. Moonstones bring calmness and bright dreams, just like the moon's soft glow. Wear this beautiful owl pendant to keep wisdom and peace close to your heart, day or night.

(40% OFF) Flying Owl Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver
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This is a beautiful and unique Flying Owl pendant featuring Moonstones and 14K gold elements. It is a talisman for inner wisdom, transformation and feminine nature. Combined with natural moonstones make this beautiful piece even more powerful.

The pendant comes with 18 inches fine Silver chain in our branded gift box.

- Handmade (high-quality)
- Made from 925 solid sterling silver, 14k gold plated elements
- Natural Moonstone gemstones
- Size: W: 4cm x H: 2.7cm
- Weight: 11g
- Has 925 sterling silver hallmark

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"The detail is exquisite and it has a lovely feel. The pendant itself looks very unique".
Rachel Morton
"This pendant is so cute and very high quality. The design is absolutely original, I haven't seen anything this lovely anywhere else. Shipping was fast and presentation was great too".
Ruth Alexander
"This owl necklace is the best price of jewelry I have ever received from online shop. The attention to detail is beautiful, this size is just perfect- not too big or too small. It is so beautiful".
Michelle Coe
"A fabulous item. Great detail. Well made quality item. I love it".
Janice Lee
"Unbelievable piece! Absolutely outstanding craftsmanship, I adore it. Thank you!"
Anna McAllister
"Beautiful work absolutely stunning pendant"
Lisa Lockey

Elaine Serenum is a London based artist who creates beautiful nature-inspired art and unique jewelry pieces, each with a special spiritual meaning. We focus on using top-quality materials to ensure that every item we make is both stunning and long-lasting. Discover the world of Elaine Serenum, where art, spirituality, and craftsmanship come together in every creation.

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