We are growing rapidly and are on the lookout for a select group
of Partners to join our exciting journey!

Explore the advantages of our Partner Program and seize the chance
to become a part of our expanding success!
We launched our Partner program to not only broaden our reach but to also open doors for you to join our team and earn with us. This is more than a partnership; it's a chance for you to build a thriving business alongside ours.

By joining our Partner Program, you're stepping into a world of opportunity, with the potential to work flexibly and earn thousands monthly. As we grow and reach new customers together, your success scales with ours, creating a mutually beneficial journey.

Join us, and turn your entrepreneurial spirit into a substantial, stable income, all while being part of a unique thriving brand.
Introducing the Partner Wheel where we explain how our Partner Program works and how you will generate income when you join us in this exciting journey.
Our Partner Program is designed to maximize your earning potential with two distinct revenue streams. Explore these avenues and unlock new opportunities for financial growth with us.
How Our Partner Program Works: Expand, Earn, and Empower
  • Promote and Earn
    As a Partner, your primary role involves promoting our unique range of products. For every Sale you generate, you'll earn a commission, directly boosting your income through your marketing efforts.
  • Build Your Team
    The program doesn't just stop at individual sales. You can expand your impact by signing up new Partners. For each Partner you onboard, you receive a fixed sign-on bonus, incentivizing the growth of your network.
  • Earn from Your Team's Success
    The earning potential escalates with your team's growth. You'll earn up to 5% commission on sales made by the partners you've signed up (please see Level 1 and Level 2 Commissions on the Partner Wheel chart). This structure creates a sustainable model for passive income, as you benefit from the collective success of your team.
  • Passive Income Through Team Building
    By growing your team and supporting their sales efforts, you establish a network that continuously contributes to your earnings. This approach not only helps in expanding our business but also ensures that you enjoy the rewards of team-based success.
We have only a few spots open in our Partner Program, so we're looking for dedicated Partners.

If you're passionate about art and jewelry and ready to start and grow a successful Affiliate business that can bring you financial freedom, don't miss this opportunity! You'll get to share our amazing products and our program with others and build a life you deserve.

To join our Partner Program, it's essential to start with our Partner Starter Kit.

This kit is your launchpad for success in Affiliate marketing, providing you with 3 Sterling Silver pendants and 4 Art Prints at a discounted price. These aren't just tools; they're a part of your initial investment in building a thriving online business.
Unlike other businesses where initial investments might not offer tangible returns, our Starter Kit gives you real, valuable products. You can use these items to create engaging content on social media, drive sales, and attract new Partners. Remember, this isn't just an expenditure; it's an investment in your future.

With our jewelry and art prints, you have something of value from the start, not just for personal enjoyment but also as a foundation for earning commissions and starting your own Affiliate business.

We offer Uncapped Commissions, so your Earnings are in your hands!

We're here to support you every step of the way on this exciting journey.

Get a Partner Starter Kit
To sign up you need to purchase our Starter Kit which includes:
3 Sterling Silver pendants
4 A4 size Art Prints
Free Shipping
Receive your Affiliate Code
Each partner will receive a unique Affiliate Voucher code to be used for promoting our products and our Partner Program.
Promote our Products and Partner Program
Use Social Media to Promote our Affiliate/Partner Program and our products to your audience.
Earn a Commission
Earn Commission every time you refer a new Partner or generate a sale.
Enjoy 2 Streams of Income and grow your own online Affiliate business.

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